Does Walking Help Lose Weight?

Wondering does walking help lose weight? Find out what happened to my weight and health by walking. 

Walking is now just part of my normal life living on the beach in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. It’s now what I do automatically in the morning.

Not ready to exercise, but ready for walking.

My routine started one day after a friend tried to help me get started on a workout and diet plan. She offered to let me join her jogging routine, but I knew I wasn’t ready.

I intuitively knew after years of stress working behind a desk, I needed to first start with a low-impact, exercise plan. One that would help me first relax. Walking was a perfect beginning!


Walking fitness and vacations

My walking is mental escape to a simpler time. And, it’s fun!. Personally I like to mix up my walks with visits along the way with my friends. Yes, it’s time-consuming.  And, to compensate for missing my work at home time, often I work behind my computer at night. So, essentially I’m trading walking for watching TV. Maybe you could do the same?

How much can you lose by walking?

Well, I lost 20 pounds! And, quickly! Without even realizing it! If you have a lot of weight to lose, maybe you can do even better!

I’ve kept the same routine for years now walking 5-miles every day on the streets and beaches of my adapted beach town. Doing math, that’s 150 miles each month! And, I hardly notice the routine any more.

I appreciate the fact I’m not fat and I sleep very well.

Make walking social

I don’t walk particularly fast and the tropical heat here in Costa Rica doesn’t even bother me anymore. To brake up my routine, often I’ll stop and visit friends.

Where I used to make excuses for rigorous exercise, I now find myself looking forward to my daily walking routine.

While walking to lose weight is not such a big secret, I have another just as important tip.

The “everyday lots of water secret”

Not such a big secret in itself, but I’ve found a way to make the habit stick! Each day, half-way through my walk, I stop for something to eat and a very large bottle of water.

And, I mean large!

Drinking water helps me lose even more weight and keeps me hydrated, add a few vitamins when I get back home, and I’m ready for the day and night.

Start your walking habit on a Tamarindo Vacation. And, take it home with you.

It’ll help you look and feel great!


Is bicycling a good way to get around Tamarindo?

Beach-Cruiser-BicycleWeird! Some people just don’t like to walk.

Why, I have no idea!

Ok good! Then ride a bike. Just ride further than you walk. In my town getting around peddling is almost as fast as driving. Rent a beach cruiser bicycle once you get to the Tamarindo area.


October 12, 2013


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  1. Famous says:

    Well done! I was thinking myself of getting out and walking. Where do you drink your water? At a restaurant or once you get home?

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